The IAC is the voice of insurers doing business in Connecticut, and all members of the IAC have the opportunity to help develop the industry’s agenda.  The IAC employs a team of seasoned advocates, and our member companies enjoy access to exclusive resources, including bill tracking and analysis, legal and regulatory updates, and the latest information about news stories that affect insurers.



By becoming a member of the IAC, your company will help shape the industry’s legislative and regulatory agenda in Connecticut.

All IAC members have the opportunity to play an active role in the development of our government relations strategies to ensure a vibrant and competitive insurance market in Connecticut. We regularly facilitate conversations between our member companies and key legislative and regulatory staff on issues of mutual importance.


The IAC employs a team of some of the most trusted government relations professionals in Connecticut. We have built relationships with leaders in both parties, and assist our members in making their views known in the Capitol.

When appropriate, the IAC provides the industry viewpoint to media outlets on stories affecting Connecticut insurers.

The IAC also commissions some of the top attorneys in the state to draft and file “friend of the court” briefs in court cases that affect the insurance industry.


The IAC team is at the Capitol every day during the legislative session, and we are the eyes and ears of our members in the halls of state government. Through our broad network of relationships and extensive experience, we also provide our members with invaluable insights into what is happening beyond the headlines.

In addition to boots on the ground, we provide our members with bill tracking services and regular updates on laws, regulations, court decisions and news stories that affect insurers doing business in Connecticut.


The Insurance Association of Connecticut offers two tiers of membership.

Companies in the business of writing insurance in Connecticut have the opportunity to become full members, with a seat on the IAC Board of Directors.

Other insurance trade associations, businesses, organizations and groups with interests that complement and do not conflict with the mission of the IAC can become associate members of the IAC. Associate members do not have a seat on the IAC Board of Directors, but enjoy all of the other benefits of membership.